Sunday, September 25, 2022

Things not to do while dating a cougar woman

There are many things that every expert will tell you about mature dating that you must do this if you want to impress your cougar woman. But instead of this, first you must know those things that you should never do when you are dating a sudy cougar woman. Cougar women are mature and completely understand the things what you are trying to say. So, when you are dating a cougar woman, it is quite important that you must know what things you must not do and what you should not talk to them when you are with them.

Dating a cougar woman is quite an amazing experience but it is quite hard to go with them for long term. If you really want to date her for long term, you must know how to impress her and what thing you must not tell or share with your cougar dating partner that will make her upset or uncomfortable. Here are few thing mentioned in this article that will tell you what things you must not do when you are with a cougar woman.

Here are the things that you know if you want to make your cougar date a successful one and want to date her for long term. Follow these interesting and important tips for cougar hook up dating.

Never use the word ‘C’ – there are many older women that don’t like to be called as cougar woman. But you will never know that your cougar woman will like to be called as a cougar or not. So, if you are continuously using the word ‘C’ while having a conversation with your cougar partner, she might be uncomfortable and don’t like this. This results; you may also lose a chance to date her again. So, why take risk and use the word ‘C’ in your cougar dating. If you really want to date her for long term and want to see her in your side, never use the word ‘C’ when you are dating a cougar woman or having a quality time with her.

Never ask her age – another important thing about cougar dating is you should never ask her age. It is pretty understood that cougar women are older than you and they might never like to talk about her age and the age difference between you and her. So, it is quite better to stay away with the age question.

Never compare her with your mom or any other women – when you are dating an older woman, you should never compare your cougar woman with anyone. No any women, doesn’t matter she is young or old, never like to be compare with any other women. Cougar women also don’t like to get compare with anyone especially with your mom.

Never go personal – if your cougar women told you clearly that you have to stay away with her family or kids, it is quite better to stay away with her family or kids and never try to introduce yourself to them. This may ruin your relationship with her.

These are few things that you must know before dating a cougar woman.

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