Sunday, September 25, 2022

Why Should I Date A Cougar Woman Instead of Younger Woman?

Dating a cougar woman is someone personal choice or fantasy and you never ask anyone that why you are dating an older lady and not a young one. As young women are quite pretty and charming and are beautiful too than why not you are going out for a date with young teens. To my view, there are many reasons that make me to date an older woman than a younger one. However, it doesn’t mean that I never dated a young teen before in my entire life. I did date many young teens before but they won’t go for long and frankly there are lots of things that make the relationship weird and more complex. But in cougar dating, you don’t have to worry about many things and everything will go quite smooth as expected.

Here are few reasons that why should I date a cougar woman instead of teen aged woman.

Older woman are more confident than a younger one – when it comes to confidence, older woman are more confident as compare to young woman. When you are start dating a young woman, there are many thing that a younger woman don’t want to do as they don’t have that guts in them or lack of confidence but cougar woman can do anything quite easily as they are more confident than younger woman.

Cougar woman are independent – cougar woman are independent and well settled in life. They don’t depend on you for their bills and other expenses. They are well enough to bare all their bills and expenses. On the other hand, young women are completely depending in you and their parents. And if there’s any plan to go out or have vacations in some erotic place, you will have to bare all the expense.

Cougar woman are experienced – cougar woman knows exactly what they want in bed and will guide you accordingly so that both can enjoy and have fun but younger woman don’t know what to do and how to please their man in bed. She needs guidance or instructions from you.

In short, we can say that, cougar woman are quite better in bed as compared to young woman.

Cougar woman have enough achievements in life and will share the experience with you to stay strong in life – cougar woman knows most of the things that a life asks from you. Cougar woman have some amazing achievements in life and a better stories or experience to tell or share it with you as compare to young woman. Teen age woman is just started her life and don’t have any achievement in life yet.

Cougar woman knows how to handle the situation – yes, cougar woman won’t get panic so quickly and knows how to handle the situation as compare to young woman.
You will learn a lot from cougar woman – cougar woman experience will help you a lot and you will certainly learn many things in life. Younger woman won’t tell you anything new that can help you in anyway.

These are the basic reasons that drives me crazy about cougar dating instead of regular dating.

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