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Why Should I Date A Cougar Woman Instead Of Younger Woman?

Dating a cougar woman is someone personal choice or fantasy and you never ask anyone that why you are dating an older lady and not a young one. As young women are quite pretty and charming and are beautiful too than why not you are going out for a date with young teens. To my view, there are many reasons that make me to date an older woman than a younger one. However, it doesn’t mean that I never dated a young teen before in my entire life. I did date many young teens before but they won’t go for long and frankly there are lots of things that make the relationship weird and more complex. But in cougar dating, you don’t have to worry about many things and everything will go quite smooth as expected. Here are few reasons that why should I date a cougar woman instead of teen aged woman.

Older woman are more confident than a younger one – when it comes to confidence, older woman are more confident as compare to young woman. When you are start dating a young woman, there are many thing that a younger woman don’t want to do as they don’t have that guts in them or lack of confidence but cougar woman can do anything quite easily as they are more confident than younger woman.

Cougar woman are independent – cougar woman are independent and well settled in life. They don’t depend on you for their bills and other expenses. They are well enough to bare all their bills and expenses. On the other hand, young women are completely depending in you and their parents. And if there’s any plan to go out or have vacations in some erotic place, you will have to bare all the expense.

Cougar woman are experienced – cougar woman knows exactly what they want in bed and will guide you accordingly so that both can enjoy and have fun but younger woman don’t know what to do and how to please their man in bed. She needs guidance or instructions from you. In short, we can say that, cougar woman are quite better in bed as compared to young woman.

Cougar woman have enough achievements in life and will share the experience with you to stay strong in life – cougar woman knows most of the things that a life asks from you. Cougar woman have some amazing achievements in life and a better stories or experience to tell or share it with you as compare to young woman. Teen age woman is just started her life and don’t have any achievement in life yet.

Cougar woman knows how to handle the situation – yes, cougar woman won’t get panic so quickly and knows how to handle the situation as compare to young woman.

You will learn a lot from cougar woman – cougar woman experience will help you a lot and you will certainly learn many things in life. Younger woman won’t tell you anything new that can help you in anyway.
These are the basic reasons that drives me crazy about cougar dating instead of regular dating.

Things To Do In Cougar Dating To Impress Your Cougar Woman

Dating a cougar woman is fun but surely you need lots of things to do in order to impress your cougar date. Cougar woman are skilled one and experienced the worse and the best time in their life. So, if you really want to stay with a cougar woman for long, you have to make some extra efforts to impress your cougar woman. In short, there must be something different or special in you that make you the best among all other young cubs. There are many things that you can do to impress your mature dating. If you are newbie and it’s your first time to date any cougar woman, definitely you need to learn few things before entering into a cougar date. If you don’t know anything about cougar dating, there are many online articles and blogs that can help you to know more about cougar dating. Cougar women are of two types and it doesn’t matter which kind of cougar woman you are dating, you need some expert advice or tips to make your first older women dating successful.

Here are few tips that will surely help you in your first cougar date.

Remember always age is just a number – When it comes to cougar dating, age is just a number and you don’t have to bother about the age of your cougar woman. It’s quite best if you won’t discuss or ask her age or realized her that she is getting old and don’t have that charm left in her life before. Cougar woman knows everything about themselves and you don’t need to remind them again and again. It’s quit best to avoid any conversation or any comment that indicates her age, if you really want to make your date a successful one.

Never use the ‘C’ word in between your date – you are dating a cougar woman and it’s quite obvious that your cougar partner must know about the word ‘C’ used for them. Some cougar women are quite okay with it but some might take that an insult. You never know what turns back to you and what kind of cougar woman you are dating, so better not to use the word ‘C’ in between your cougar date.

Explore yourself instead of saying yes or no – you must have to explore your views and your ideas. Whenever, your cougar date will say something, share your views in detailed. Yes, me too, no, I don’t avoid any of the word if your cougar woman asks anything from you. These answers will end the conversation too soon and makes the environment boring or she might also lose the interest in you. It’s quite best to explore yourself and share your views in detailed in order to make the conversation more interesting and she might be interested in you and spend more time with you. 

These are the basic but quite essential tips for the young cubs to impress a cougar woman.

Qualities That Every Cougar Woman Want In Their Dating Partner

Dating a younger man is quite an amazing experience and the reason why cougars love to date a younger man is quite the same as why older man date younger woman. Both are quite close to each other and have their own desires and fantasies.

Older women especially a wealthy or independent woman love to date young cubs. Young cubs are too super excited when they get a chance to date an older woman. However, there are many qualities that a cougar woman must look in her dating partner. Here are the few qualities that every cougar woman must look in any young cub before share a bed or going intimate.

Here are the few but the most important factors that every cougar woman must want an older women dating with any young cub.

Be honest – not only in mature dating but in any regular date, everyone want that their partner must be honest with them. Being committed is quite different thing but when it comes to cougar dating, older woman never give any importance to your Facebook relationship status, the only thing they are looking from their dating partner is be honest. Being honest to your cougar woman than there are great chances of yours to be with her for long term, if you are playing game and telling lie to your cougar woman, than it’s quite sure that she will soon kick you out of the door.

Make the environment pleasant and comfortable – being comfortable is quite important when you are going out for date especially who is not of your age. Cougar women like that guy who knows how to make the environment friendly and comfortable.

Must have a good sense of humor – A good sense of humor is always appreciated in anywhere, so that in cougar dating. A guy that owns a good sense of humor is always gives the priority as compared to other guys.

Don’t interfere in her personal matters – one of the most important and essential quality that every cougar woman wants in her dating partner is that her partner will never interfere in her personal life. Like asking questions about their work, family, kids or anything that is they don’t want to share with anyone else.

Age won’t affect the relationship between them – When it comes to cougar dating, most young cubs ask questions about the age of their cougar woman and make the realized that she is not that young enough. It is quite not acceptable when you are dating a cougar woman. Cougar women never like a guy that is more interested in her age and wrinkles in her face rather than her.

Ready to give compliments what she achieves in her life – other important quality that every cougar women want in her dating partner is that he must know how to give compliments. There are many achievements in cougar women’s life and her dating partner must respect her achievements and give compliment to her.

Being a young cub, if you too looking for a cougar date, make sure that you have all these qualities first.

Tips About Wonderful Threesome Dating

More and more people are looking for a couple dating. Whether it is a couple or a single man or a woman, a three way dating is one of the most popular ways of making love. If you go online often, you can find that there are a lot of threesome dating sites, there are a lot of threesome finders, and those who have a strong interest in tinder threesome dating. At this time, are you also preparing your first threesome dating? Here are some tips to help you have a perfect threesome date. Guarantee the environment and atmosphere of couples dating.

For those who are having the first time threesome, the first thing to do is to determine the location of the threesome date. Make sure this is a good environment so you can enjoy it more in your appointments. Be aware that the quality of an environment can determine whether your three way dating can proceed smoothly. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a hotel or apartment. It is great to have a very comfortable big bed.

Because you won’t jump into bed with your threesome partner, you will sit down and chat. So it is worthwhile to choose a comfortable big bed room. Then you can sit in this bed and relax. In addition, you can also arrange this room, such as putting some candles. Prepare a bottle of red wine and some soft drinks. In case someone does not like wine, soft drinks are also a good choice. Of course, in order to help you relax, it is also important to choose some soothing music.

It’s important to have a suggestion. Don’t turn on the TV when you enter the room, because everyone’s attention will be on the TV, and you won’t be able to talk. The best way to break the ambiguous atmosphere is to sit face to face, then dim the lights a little and put some music, which will make everyone feel comfortable.

Relax yourself

The first time you enter a threesome dating is definitely tense. After all, you don’t have any experience. Before the start of the threesome, you can have a drink together, but don’t get drunk. After all, no one wants to make love with people who are drunk. You just need to relax, let everything go with the flow, and enjoy the threesome.

Use protective measures

All sexual activities should be protected, and the same is true for the threesomes. So condoms are essential. Because you may not know the physical condition of a three way dating partner, in order to enjoy a perfect tinder threesome dating, you will not get sexually transmitted diseases. You must prepare enough condoms. It is best to use a new condom after changing a partner to ensure safety during the dating.

Cougar Dating Tips For Young Cubs

Dating an older woman is sexual desire to most young guys but they don’t know how to date an older woman or how to impress her right in first date. One of the most important and essential thing of cougar dating is that you must have to impress your cougar woman in your first date otherwise you may lose the chance to see her or date her again.

So, it is quite correct in cougar life that first impression is last impression. One thing you need to know about older woman that they are always looking for the best. If you are not best, you won’t deserve a cougar hookup dating. As you know that cougar woman are experienced woman and they already experience the best and the worse sex experience in her life till now. So, there must be something special in you that makes you different from other and makes you the best possible candidates among other young cubs. So, it’s quite obvious that you need to something very special or different in order to impress her or date her for a long term.

Here are some of the best tips about cougar dating.

Don’t bring the age factor when you are dating a cougar woman – age is just a number, you must believe in this if you are dating a cougar woman. When you on a cougar date, it is quite important to avoid any question related to age. As it won’t be good for you and your cougar date too. It is also advised not to use the word “C” when you are actually dating a cougar woman. Some cougar women don’t like to be called as a cougar as it reflect that they are getting old. So they actually don’t like to be called as cougar woman. It’s best to avoid anything that will embarrass you and her when you are on your first cougar date.

Don’t act like a kid – when you are dating a cougar woman, it is obvious that she is quite old than you and there is a huge age gap between you and you r cougar woman. But that doesn’t mean that you are doing silly and naughty things in order to impress her. Cougar woman don’t like the guys who behave like a kid and don’t even know how to behave in public.

Pay your bills on your first date – in most cougar dating relationships, it is found that cougar woman take care of all bills and expenses. But you must know that you have to impress her right on your first date. So, don’t hesitate to pay the bills on your first date. It is also advised to bring a surprised gift with you when you are going to meet her for the very first time.

Don’t expect sex right on your first date – you must show your patience when dating a cougar woman. Having sexual relations is quite mandatory in cougar dating but you must take time for you and your relationship.

Things Not To Do While Dating A Cougar Woman

There are many things that every expert will tell you about mature dating that you must do this if you want to impress your cougar woman. But instead of this, first you must know those things that you should never do when you are dating a sudy cougar woman. Cougar women are mature and completely understand the things what you are trying to say. So, when you are dating a cougar woman, it is quite important that you must know what things you must not do and what you should not talk to them when you are with them.

Dating a cougar woman is quite an amazing experience but it is quite hard to go with them for long term. If you really want to date her for long term, you must know how to impress her and what thing you must not tell or share with your cougar dating partner that will make her upset or uncomfortable. Here are few thing mentioned in this article that will tell you what things you must not do when you are with a cougar woman.

Here are the things that you know if you want to make your cougar date a successful one and want to date her for long term. Follow these interesting and important tips for cougar hook up dating.

Never use the word ‘C’ – there are many older women that don’t like to be called as cougar woman. But you will never know that your cougar woman will like to be called as a cougar or not. So, if you are continuously using the word ‘C’ while having a conversation with your cougar partner, she might be uncomfortable and don’t like this. This results; you may also lose a chance to date her again. So, why take risk and use the word ‘C’ in your cougar dating. If you really want to date her for long term and want to see her in your side, never use the word ‘C’ when you are dating a cougar woman or having a quality time with her.

Never ask her age – another important thing about cougar dating is you should never ask her age. It is pretty understood that cougar women are older than you and they might never like to talk about her age and the age difference between you and her. So, it is quite better to stay away with the age question.

Never compare her with your mom or any other women – when you are dating an older woman, you should never compare your cougar woman with anyone. No any women, doesn’t matter she is young or old, never like to be compare with any other women. Cougar women also don’t like to get compare with anyone especially with your mom.

Never go personal – if your cougar women told you clearly that you have to stay away with her family or kids, it is quite better to stay away with her family or kids and never try to introduce yourself to them. This may ruin your relationship with her.

These are few things that you must know before dating a cougar woman.

Cougar Dating Tips And Tricks For Young Cubs Part – 1

Have you ever heard about cougar dating? Are you one of them that are founds older women more attractive and sexier than young teen age girls? And dating an older woman than you is one of your sexual fantasies that you want to fulfill. Dating an older woman is actually an amazing experience that is full of fun and entertainment and also your get a lot to learn from your mature dating partner as they are experienced and know how life treats you in favorable or unfavorable situations. So in short, dating and older women is an amazing package that most young cubs are interested in. But the irony is, due to their immature nature, young cubs are not well enough to handle cougar women and they do silly mistakes that end up their relationship with cougar woman. 

However, it won’t happen to every time and for every young cub. There are many young cubs that are quite happy with their older women dating and enjoying their cougar date quite amazingly and experienced a lot of fun and entertainment. If you too want to be that young cub that enjoys their dating with an older woman, there are few things that you need to take care, when you are dating or roaming out with your cougar woman. Keep in mind that cougar dating is not as same as other regular dating and the tips and tricks that you are trying to impress any young teen age girl won’t work when you are dating an older woman. 

Remember that, older women are mature and well experienced and if you are not good and failed to impress her right in your first date, it is quite hard that you will get a second chance. Cougar women are experienced and know how good you are right in your first presence.

Here are few tips and tricks for young cubs that will help you to impress any cougar woman. Follow these tips and tricks if you want to enjoy your cougar date.

Never use the word ‘C’ when you are with her – Older woman dating with younger guy is known as cougar dating and you are doing the same but there are many older women around there that are doing the same but quite not comfortable to be called as cougar woman. So, it’s better to avoid using the word ‘C’ when you are dating an older woman. This makes her uncomfortable if she don’t like the word ‘C’ or called to be a cougar. If still you are using the word ‘C’ while roaming with her, you are on the way to ruin your cougar date and she will reject you and never give you any other chance to see her.

There are many other tips and tricks that you need to know about cougar dating and that we will discussed n our second part. Follow the second part of this article to know more about cougar dating and tips to impress your cougar woman.

CougarD Is The Best Cougar Dating App

A large number of people tend to get into a different dating relationship that is cougar dating. As it name implies, it is a date between older women and younger men. It is not a traditional dating mode, so cougar pursuers can’t count on the traditional dating platform to find what they want. This is where older women dating apps come into play. Here I’d like to introduce CougarD. It is our selection for the best cougar dating app we have found out. Since the CougarD have launched, it become top three cougar dating apps in a few months. This app has its own advantages for helping older women and younger men get into mature dating relationship.


CougarD is a specifically community for older women and younger men who want to meet like-minded people like they are. And this is the right place for older women and younger men to date, to find love, and to have fun. If you are one of them seeking for mature dating, come to join this cougar dating site is much better than using a traditional dating app.

A place with strong protection of privacy – CougarD provides cougars and cubs a private community to unleash their hidden desires for a long time. How to join this cougar dating community? It is very simple. The only thing you need to do is enjoy the diverting cougar dating life with the people who are like-minded and share the same interest with you. When you become a member of CougarD, you will find that you are with the complete protection of identity. You can feel peace mind all the time when you using the app.

You can hide your true name – Internet is convenient but not much sheltered. With the development of the Internet, the Internet is designed for every aspect of people’s lives. But it is also the emergence of the Internet that makes people’s lives no longer private. Almost everyone can be found on the Internet. While privacy is vital for everyone. Considering this issue, CougarD attaches great importance to the confidentiality of user information. Since you install CougarD on you phone, you can hide your real name and information when you verified through Facebook account.


CougarD is available for Apple Store. And as you can see, it provides some wonderful features helping people get into cougar dating relationship easily without any charge. If you want all access of advance features and best service, you can upgrade your account. The price of premium subscription plans is affordable as follows.

Premium Membership

6 months Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $139.99
3 months Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $84.99
1 month Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $29.99
No matter the purchase of one month or three months, payment will be charged to iTunes account as confirmation of purchase, and subscription automatically renews unless you turn off the billing at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

The Best One Night Hookup Tips To Make It Better

Here are some of the best casual one night hookup tips to make your one-night stand unforgettable. 
Is it because you want to do it? If this is the way to get back at your boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, then this is not a good idea to have tinder hookup with others. This will only make you regret your decision and make things more complicated. Do this because you want to do it, not because you think you have to do it. One-night stands are for sexual enjoyment on free dating apps, not for regret afterwards. Do something unforgettable and not regretted!

Go buy some weird things

Who said you can’t buy a one night hookup? You need to come up with your top sexual fantasies and realize it. What is better than some underwear shopping that can make it more pleasant and sexy? Go shopping and try on underwear that you don’t usually buy. Embrace your wild side and be bold. Wearing seductive underwear will enhance your confidence and make your partner want you more. He will not be able to resist the temptation of you inside.

Be prepared

Do you go to one night dating without doing homework? Make sure you have enough time to finish it. The hornier you are, the more satisfaction you will get from this experience. Explore your sexual orientation and think about things that will make you happy in bed. Spontaneous behavior is for high school couples, not for one-night lovers. Plan your actions and practice the art of temptation. Practice will only make your game better.

Be picky about men

Don’t just hook up with the first person you meet. Look around and find more options. Imagine that you are playing on hookup apps, browsing your profile, then swiping right. Explore what’s around you and then do it. Choose someone who is physically attractive, but not someone that makes you want to run away as soon as he opens his mouth, although this may solve the entire emotional attachment problem.


Some experiments are doomed to fail. Some things in bed will also fail. Do not be paranoid. On the contrary, a smile can ease the embarrassment. Laughter helps break the deadlock and overcome all tensions and embarrassment. Remember, you are here for the casual one night hookup and all this is to have fun. Once you have passed this stage, it is time to play.

Unleash your inner beast
Don’t insist on preaching, it’s easy. Release the deep desires in your heart in front of him. Be a bold dog or ride him like a cowgirl. Try other positions you want and try role play. Don’t be selfish in bed, which is very typical in many women. Don’t restrain yourself from letting him see your wild side. After all, the best part of a one-night stand is that strangers don’t know who you are and will never know.

Why Should I Date A Cougar Woman Instead Of Younger Woman?

Dating a cougar woman is someone personal choice or fantasy and you never ask anyone that why you are dating an older lady and not a young ...