Monday, December 5, 2022

Cougar Dating Tips And Tricks For Young Cubs Part – 1

Have you ever heard about cougar dating? Are you one of them that are founds older women more attractive and sexier than young teen age girls? And dating an older woman than you is one of your sexual fantasies that you want to fulfill. Dating an older woman is actually an amazing experience that is full of fun and entertainment and also your get a lot to learn from your mature dating partner as they are experienced and know how life treats you in favorable or unfavorable situations. So in short, dating and older women is an amazing package that most young cubs are interested in. But the irony is, due to their immature nature, young cubs are not well enough to handle cougar women and they do silly mistakes that end up their relationship with cougar woman. 

However, it won’t happen to every time and for every young cub. There are many young cubs that are quite happy with their older women dating and enjoying their cougar date quite amazingly and experienced a lot of fun and entertainment. If you too want to be that young cub that enjoys their dating with an older woman, there are few things that you need to take care, when you are dating or roaming out with your cougar woman. Keep in mind that cougar dating is not as same as other regular dating and the tips and tricks that you are trying to impress any young teen age girl won’t work when you are dating an older woman. 

Remember that, older women are mature and well experienced and if you are not good and failed to impress her right in your first date, it is quite hard that you will get a second chance. Cougar women are experienced and know how good you are right in your first presence.

Here are few tips and tricks for young cubs that will help you to impress any cougar woman. Follow these tips and tricks if you want to enjoy your cougar date.

Never use the word ‘C’ when you are with her – Older woman dating with younger guy is known as cougar dating and you are doing the same but there are many older women around there that are doing the same but quite not comfortable to be called as cougar woman. So, it’s better to avoid using the word ‘C’ when you are dating an older woman. This makes her uncomfortable if she don’t like the word ‘C’ or called to be a cougar. If still you are using the word ‘C’ while roaming with her, you are on the way to ruin your cougar date and she will reject you and never give you any other chance to see her.

There are many other tips and tricks that you need to know about cougar dating and that we will discussed n our second part. Follow the second part of this article to know more about cougar dating and tips to impress your cougar woman.

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